Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Fairy drawing

I went to a friend's drawing thing at a coffee shop in Greenpoint/Williamsburg last night. The model was really "Egon Shiele" looking to me. She also reminded me of the illustrator's work that did all the faeries that everyone has seen and yet I can't remember his name at all! I bought a really nice print of his at a comic book store in Paris this summer. I think it was actual size and it was made at the stage were he was just starting to do the watercolor part. All the beautiful pencil under drawing made most of the picture. I think all my money would go to the comic book stores if I lived in Paris. They have every sort of illustration style and fantasy art represented! I didn't get to see the Louvre, but I saw a lot of comic book stores and espresso bars.

My scanner is dying.

Nice drawing, Fred. I'll be sure to keep hiring models that look like Elves, Fairies, or Pixies...

Btw, we (Satchmos) are totally Williamsburg- not Greenpoint at all- though we are close to it. Always good to see you down there on Monday nights.
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