Thursday, September 27, 2007


Trip to Pennsylvania

I saw elk, deer, and family... Not necessarily in that order.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Last week's busy-ness

This is almost 10 years old now! It was in a gaming book for White Wolf. I don't remember which one. Not being a gamer, I never really knew if I was making the appropriate art for the assignment. They kept hiring me, so I guess I was doing it right. Someone at the MOCCA fest requested it. I have a fan!... or at least someone that digs chicks with big ass boots beating the crap out of some poor guy. Maybe he deserved it?

First I painted this cover for The Week last week. Oil on panel of Fred Thompson finally joining the race. The following day I had a deadline for the New York Times and painted the bottom piece. Farm Aid in New York City. I liked the idea of having these famous performers in the subway. (Willie Nelson, John Melloncamp, and Neil Young) oil on panel.

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