Sunday, October 15, 2006


This is a great year.

Looking back on the year and all the stuff I've done, the most interesting to me (at the moment) is I first heard the term "Black Eye" at Starbucks. I learned "Red Eye" at least a year or two ago, but had never come across Black Eye until this year.

"Red Eye" is a shot of espresso in a reg. cup of coffee. Yummy, right?
I was a little sleepier than usual one afternoon, so I asked for a Red Eye with an extra shot. The black girl behind the counter looks at me and says "You want a Black Eye!?" Her tone was more of a statement than a question. That woke me up rather quickly as I thought I might have said a racial slur or was treading on racially sensitive dynamite. She saw my face and quickly broke into a huge smile and laughed at me and then asked if I wanted a few more shots in it. I'd say she was a couple Black Eyes ahead of me. Now my fear is going into a coffee shop and asking for a black eye from some bruiser with a chip on his shoulder with a long reach from behind the counter and getting the literal thing!.. To go?

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