Monday, October 23, 2006


This week

This week is another light one. I lost about 1500 contacts with one click of the button! I'm going into The Week offices right now, just got a Fed X delivery of weights and gloves and a weight rack tree thing. The Fed X guy isn't a fan of mine.

I'm playing around with skateboards, but only on paper. I'm fascinated with activities that will crush you or hurt if done carelessly. You Tube has so many clips of sports injuries, and all to heavy metal music! The most memorable is a kick boxing clip where the guy does a little kick at the other guy's shin and snaps his own shin. They were nice enough to slow it down and play it a few times for the viewer. His foot just wiggles around unencumbered by any restrictions with bones or joints. His face barely had any expression as his foot came back and wouldn't support his mass at all. He still had no expression as he was going down while his foot just flapped around doing a flipper impression in an attempt at independence and a life of it's own. So I did a quick sketch of a face plant of a skateboarder. "Face plant" is what you type in to do a search on You Tube if you want to torcher yourself... safely.

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