Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Another election...

Last night's work. I'm a zombie as I write. I barely followed the election. No time to really study what the politicians are actually about, and I find it never seems to matter. Someone gets screwed either way some how. The Week commissioned me for two pieces. One was for a democratic win. The other a demo loss. Guess which is which.

Personally I enjoy drawing the elephant. Donkeys aren't as interesting, plus I don't have very good reference of them. I have some great pictures I took of cows and chickens while visiting the New York state fair this last Sept. in Syracuse. Too bad there isn't another political party that has a different animal other than a donkey (Is it even native to America?) and an elephant (definitely not native to America!) Nobody does the eagle very much anymore. The Uncle Sam done by Montgomery Flagg is done to death.. but he is not an animal. Ben Franklin wanted the turkey. At least that makes sense, as boring as that would be. I have a little Scottish and Welsh ancestry, maybe I have a few animal symbols that are cool. It's probably a shrew or something. Ack.

Speaking of animals, I'm checking out headlines on Drudge Report and the only one that sticks in my head is, "Woman dies after bit by snake in church."

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