Thursday, November 16, 2006


Comics and Sci Fi

I finally joined up with the NCN again. They wanted a self portrait and a few other pieces to put up on the site, I hadn't drawn myself for quite a while. Lately I've had a lot of small black and white jobs
which I've been doing in pencil and playing around in photo shop. So I did my portrait from a recent photo. I'm starting to play around more with a decorative hatch mark.

Gearing up for the con, I dug up some old stuff. Wolverine, I added more color and tried to resolve the anatomy a little. I was too lazy to shoot new ref. I tried to fix what I didn't like on Elektra... (shrug) The gangsters are from a White Wolf gaming book project. I don't game so I couldn't say what was going on. I think it was something about an underworld ... world. You were in the mob in life, now you are in the mob in death. I never understood what the theory was when you you were "killed" again. I think they just put you in a worse layer or something. I don't know who "they" was in the game either. I had a lot of fun doing the 35 illustrations or so for the book.

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