Saturday, November 11, 2006


Dog Thing

It just couldn't put it's tongue back in it's mouth! I came up out of the subway onto the street by my new coffee shop (Wycoff Coffee) and this is what I see.
The damn thing was so cute, the few people on the sidewalk were "oooing" and "awwing", so he wouldn't hold still for a good shot
of his front. He was looking for the next scratch from a stranger as his owner was inside getting coffee. They need a horse post outside and we'll have a regular wildlife-coffee-refuge!

I walked on down the street, turned the corner and approached my outside door... Opened my door and was greeted by Buzzard (as always) and then he runs to the middle of the studio to await his treat for doing such a good job at getting in my way at the door. I'd rather reward him for that than have him running out the door when I come in. They leave the back door open for air sometimes.

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