Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Finished... for now.

I drew the under drawing at Wycoff Starr coffee shop. I made a make shift studio set up at my girl's place and painted all night. She wasn't feeling well, so that is why I was at her place. The actual painting went pretty fast. I did a little more than I wanted in photoshop to "smooth out" the ruff areas. I sort of planned it that way because I had a couple deadlines looming. The story is about how prevalent steroids etc. still are in gyms in Mexico or something. I didn't get any copy as usual. They just described what they wanted on the phone and I shot them some comps.

I got a few hours of sleep and boogied back home to scan. Went into The Week magazine for the cover meeting. They had a less than exciting image they wanted for the cover. (shrug) It's their cover. I guess I spoil them. They wanted a landscape. They didn't ask me IF I could do one. I don't show that in my portfolio, and they wanted a more realistic style almost copied from a photo. I just finished it a little while ago. It won't be in my portfolio.
I still try to do them with the same intensity as if I was doing a piece that would be good to enter into a show, but you can only do so much with some subjects. I liked the colors I used, at least there's that!

I missed the figure drawing at Sachmos on Monday! Aargh.

That's pretty awesome man, did you use a photo of me for reference? Must have.
Sorry I didn't show ALL the muscles in your arms, I only had so much time!
Good job- I like the way you flattened out the guy bench-pressing.

Be sure to come this Monday to Go Figure- because it might be the last!
HOpefully not...
Be sure to come this Monday to Go Figure- because it might be the last!
HOpefully not...

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