Sunday, November 19, 2006


His name was Melvin...

...he is my neighbor who lives across the street from my building. He's from Puerto Rico and the details are garbled after that. He dresses like a thug... if that's a style. He came up to me spewing words about 300 per second. I was approaching my door as he walked across the street toward me. I thought it wise to give him the respect of listening to what he had to say.

Basically what happened is I ended up giving him $10. He started with an introduction, next he suggest I buy him some milk at the deli down the street. So we walked down the block to the deli on the corner were he managed to communicate that he'd help me out if I was ever in trouble in the neighborhood. He also said he could hook me up with any weed or stuff you sniff, (he was very good at pantomime). I caught on right away! The deli was open and we went in and I handed him a ten since I didn't have the 5 he was asking for. Damn cash machines. I noticed he was watching where I kept my cash.
I still had a wad of it in my pocket from the comic con. Damn! now he's going to think I walk around with a lot of the stuff you spend or the stuff he steals! I don't know, Melvin might be a nice guy anyway. Of course now I'm going to leave my place like a ninja.

Speaking of the comic con. These are my views I got to stare at all weekend. My friend, Mark, got me the table and only hung out at his on Fri. Turned out his dad died Fri night. Some guy who lived by him picked up his easel, came to the con, and set it up for when he arrived later. Mark has roadies! His easel sat there all day like some sculpture that visitors just looked at not quite sure what to make of it.

My brunch on Sat consisted of coffee and a doughnut. I did a convention color piece of
the female character from Battle of the Planets for Rich, a guy who normally shells out a lot of cash to Mark for original art. I couldn't survive on what original comic art brings in, but on the other hand it's usually cash! wink.

Val Kilmer and Adam West were the big draws for signing autographs. Law and Order was shooting a piece out front for an episode. Everyone just went on and on about one of the actors who has a big head. I don't know, I really quit watching television 2 weeks into the OJ trial in the 90's.

The pencil drawing is my sketch for an illo for Muscular Development due tomorrow. I did it in the Wycoff Starr coffee shop just before meeting Melvin.

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