Saturday, November 04, 2006


No Pain No Gain!

Nothing like a good work out! I'm not setting any records. I don't do any cardio. I know I should. I just lift weights. I'm slowly picking up some extra weights here some other equipment there. The best things I recently bought were some weightlifting gloves that give my wrists a little extra support. The other is a weight "tree" to hold the Olympic plates I use. And the 3rd thing are 2 twenty five pound cast iron plates that have handles cut into them!

The gloves are the "cool" macho kind with the ends of the fingers cut off. I didn't really want that special feature, it just came with the one I wanted, the wrist support. There is a strap with a few velcro patches on each glove. You wrap the strap, which starts at the wrist of the glove, tightly around your wrist and snug it up on the velcro. It goes around about 2 1/2 times and makes a nice support. I had been finding that when I benched over a certain weight, I'd sometimes tweak one of my wrists. Being pretty protective of my right arm from top to bottom, I'd stop at the first sign of the slightest pain. Well my pecs were pissed! "We're not done shredding yet!" they'd wine into my inner ear. As soon as I saw the gloves on a website I had to get them and they work GREAT!

Lifting at a gym used to be my only social activity. I've been lifting weights for almost 30 years! You'd think I'd be a monster by now. I worked out at Gold's in downtown Brooklyn for the most part. One of my favorite ones was Johnny Lats on 17th St. in Manhattan. I think it closed down a few years ago. It was open 24 hours a day. A big plus for me at the time. You didn't have to rush to get your workout in before closing time. They had some freaky steroid monsters there! It was great.

I go to coffee shops to see other humans now. I always toyed with the idea to go to some special group like the character in Fight Club, just to see a different side of reality. I went to a couple Narcotics Anonymous meetings as a 17 year old. I had only tasted alcohol once or twice at that age. Even though my parents owned a bar. I definitely had never done any other drugs. The reason I went was to support a neighborhood friend who was trying to get over being addicted to everything. He really bought in to the "I have an addictive personality" thing. I think admitting that helped him relapse several times. Anyway, A friend called me about an hour ago, or between the last paragraph and this one. I mixed a gin and tonic and chatted with him. Now it's beddy-by time!

This was a message.

OK, this is lame to be the 1st person to comment on my own post! But I sent in this post from my G mail account and hadn't logged in! This is so cool!!! Of course I just logged in to see how it turned out.
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