Friday, November 24, 2006


The peaceful slumber of my right arm.

Mailing, mailing, mailing! I mail things. Not every day and rarely two weeks in a row. Just 1300 postcards a month! It's a lot more manageable than 2600. I don't like mailing things. I don't like the post office. It isn't a horrible tragic experience, it's mostly just boring. Bushwick post office in Brooklyn seems like an after thought as far as POs go. Every time I buy postcard stamps there, I clean them out. I didn't need as many this time and STILL all they could muster was 500 stamps! I'd say there are more than 500 people living in the area, does this PO only serve the surrounding block of residents around here? I got better service out of a postal truck parked on Broadway and 40th than Bushwick's permanent building. The norm for most POs was also evident: 5 windows, one worker and they are going on break!

The image for the card is Rumsfeld and Bush trying to blow out dynamite candles in a cake of Iraq. This was originally a cover for The Week magazine whenever America hit the 3 year mark in Iraq. My card is going out this Monday.

The Week had me almost copy a B&W photo this past week. The scene was actually video footage from the American retreat from Saigon (I think). Anyway, I guess it's some of the most famous footage from the era. They had me ad a mosque in the BG. After I had finished the under drawing and scanned it to do a color ruff in photo shop, I didn't think it was clear enough. I threw the exit sign in. I figured it'd be easy enough to not paint in if they didn't like it since it was such a blatant departure from the approved sketch. They didn't say anything about it and I forgot to put it in when I painted it. I just got lost in the actual painting part, plus I had another spot I needed to paint due the next day as well...

I actually was in bed and sort of sleeping by 4AM. Right at 9AM my phone began to ring. I knew it was Brett, the art director, needing something fixed. I couldn't answer due to my entire arm being asleep. I had two flippers for arms! One was snoring soundly through the ringing while the other arm just wanted to roll over and hog the blankets. The cat had been peacefully sleeping on the caldera of my stomach when I erupted in a chaotic state of moving without direction and sleeping arms of sand spewing about. I was so deeply asleep I was having the "bends".

My arms returned to "human" form a few minutes later. I made some espresso and called Brett back. I had forgot to put the exit sign in. I did it in photo shop and was drinking more espresso in twenty minutes!

Wow- that's the illustrator's life for ya.
I like the top illustration- it's a good idea.
Thanks Dan! I can't wait for the movie.
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