Thursday, November 02, 2006


This was my Wall Street Journal job. They asked for color, but they ended up printing it in Black and white. I pushed the value range in photoshop, who knows what they did to it to get it ready for B&W. This is the first job I scanned with my new scanner.
The color version is almost a raw scan.

I can hardly wait for my neighborhood to be safe enough to have all night diners and the like! I live in a ghost town here in Bushwick. The new upscale bar on the corner closes around midnight. I don't really want a drink after I'm done, but it'd be nice to see another person or people I know after finishing a painting or taking a break around one or two in the morning. There is a bar I went to after a Society of Illustrators party last year that was open until 4AM. They don't kick you out at that time. Instead, they lock everyone in and don't sell anymore alcohol until they open back up at 6AM. They just clean around the drunks I guess. I left at 4 that night. New York city really isn't the city that never sleeps anymore.

Looks pretty good- you lose some of the subtlety, but it still holds together really well in B&W. Nice job!
Thanks! I was pretty happy with it. I didn't even think there was an option that they'd make it B&W, so ya, it worked out.
Very Cool Fred, the black and white version looks just as good, I almost like the contrast a bit more, great piece.
Thanks!The art director seemed happy with both. He said he begged them to run it in color. I find it quite humorous to picture him doing that, but it was nice of him to mention. I met him a few times and he's not of small stature! But is SUPER nice.
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