Sunday, December 31, 2006


New stuff to do in a new year

This is my latest for the pop surrealist crowd. I used my girl Molly as reference. She claims I always make her look ugly... of course I can say I don't have anything to do with her being ugly! HA! You can see her "ugliness" here. I'll be entering this in the gallery La Luz de Jesus in LA. There's a group show in March and now is the time to enter! I'm still working on the Bob Dylans and hope to finish them some time this week.

Speaking of the girl. I helped her mat and frame most of her show that will be coming up this Friday at Trinity Gallery. Some of the art on display will be from Dr. Sketchy's Rainy Day Colouring Book. She doesn't have a desk to work on so all the matting and framing took place on the floor. My back is going to snap in 3 pieces that will in turn snap in to 4 pieces a piece and then those pieces will catch on fire and then jump into a vat of gasoline (that just happens to be sitting out on the side walk) and then everything will explode and then they will take a tour of a chile habanero hot sauce factory, fall in a vat of the hottest sauce and then wipe their eyes with their burning broken back knuckles and get broken back burning eyes and then run out on the street without looking both ways and get hit by a low flying space shuttle! That is what my back feels like today.

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Nice piece- looks just like her...

Glad you helped Molly "get it straight" (unlike the piece at Satchmos). I'll have to check out that show.
Hope you guys had a good New Year's.
Hey Dan! Yeah, Molly and straight edges are some what strangers.

China Town bus is $25 round trip, NYC to Philly! That's how we'll be traveling.
Great painting Fred, I don't think she looks ugly!
The very first painting I did of her was so tramatic, She can never get it out of her head when she sees a new one. Plus she was a model for a while and is quite picky about her image, ie, everything sucks. HA!
I don't think your paintings are ugly. I think they're beautifully, expertly done paintings of a girl with a big ugly nose ; )
I love that big ugly nose! wait, that didn't sound right.
I met her once in person, I don't remember seeing an ugly nose, although your nose is something I think would be fun to draw! :)
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