Monday, January 22, 2007


BIG little APPLE

This was a b&w for Westword in Colorado. They asked for Jimi Hendrix as an old man playing his guitar with a dark back ground. It's a pencil drawing with photoshop special effects. Bling bling!

I took no photos at the Big Apple Con this weekend. I had been was fighting off a cold since Wed. and Fri was when the germs had made their most aggressive assault. I had a headache off and on all day.That was also suppose to be the first day of the show at the Pennsylvania Hotel. I was in no shape to be around a crowd, plus I didn't want to spread the plague around. TEX had called about 10:30am and had just awoke. (so had I!) and said he'd be able to make it in by 1:30 IF he hustled. I've known him long enough that it meant he'd be lucky to make it in on Sat.!

I made it in by 1:30 Sat. My table was taken. So I took TEX's. He showed up around 3pm and took someone else's. It was lightly attended even though there was no cover this time. As soon as I sat down I met Shawn, who had asked for a painting about two weeks earlier. I handed him the art. I gave him much more work than a convention painting usually has in it since I did it at my leisure at home. He seemed happy with it.

I blinked once and there, stepping out of the murky mists of Big Apple, two gentleman standing in front of me saying they had a few cards for me to sign. The cards were from "Vampire The Eternal Struggle" deck I did almost 10 years ago. I thought I only did about 6 or 10 cards for that project. Apparently the images also applied to other cards and next thing I know, I've signed what might have been close to 100 cards. the one guy, Nick, gave me a 3 ring folder with even more of my cards for me and also wants to buy 2 of the illustrations. My coffee got cold, but it was nice to meet people that would spend all their extra money on art if they could. I know I appreciate it!

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Very Cool Fred!!!
Thanks Jason!
Nice drawing Fred!
I thought it was Bo Didley at first because of the glasses and the hat.
What did you use in photoshop?
I pushed the darks and used a little airbrush to soften a few things in PS.
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