Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Cement shoes

Bank Tech News. Last name is Gibson. I don't know anything else about him.

Mon day was a full day in a couple ways. Steve came by to work in my studio. He's about 6 ft tall and might weigh 140 with cement shoes. I didn't want to say "soaking wet" because that'd be a cliche' and cliche's are boring. So Steve came in wearing his cement shoes and I put us to work moving flat files and printers and computers and then drinking a lot of espresso.

I got a little work done and then went to see Molly perform in Amber Ray's production of "Let's Misbehave" a tribute to Cole Porter. It was at Galopogos Art Space in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Amber dressed all the girls up and sang a few songs. Molly was sent out in her little flapper get up and a cute feather headdress to pick up tips. Her bucket was full in no time at all.

Currently working on a submission for Spectrum, an illo for Bank Tech News, and figuring out my new digital camera to take pictures of art!

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