Thursday, January 11, 2007


Art on the line.

A little more glaze to finish this up from the previous post of it. So far the title is "Mek Beast". I sent in the final entry a few days later than planned, so who knows if they'll still accept it.

I've got a table at the next Big Apple Con next weekend (Jan 19Th). I already picked up a little commission. The guy wants a scene with his cockatoo in with a barbarian guy (Ka-Zar) and a saber tooth tiger (Zabu). I checked out the gallery where he keeps his other commissions on display. There are some really funny images! Ted McKeever's was one of my favorites. Not the strongest Batman, but the bird part was really fun. The guy, Shawn, who wants the image, gave me one of my other friend's drawings (by Ray Lago) on line as reference for his bird. I prefer photos and fortunately he had some of those in the gallery as well.

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It looks like you changed some color as well, no? Or was that just in photoshop?
Anyway, I like this version the best.
Thanks Dan. I warmed everything up a little on the canvas and got rid of the glare that happened in the darks in photoshop after I took a picture of it.
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