Thursday, January 18, 2007


Painting words

Wonder Woman gouache study tune up for this weekend's Big apple Con.

Thinking about stories. I have a character that manages to get hit by planes or blimps while taking a tour in a cave. His cat is actually an alien sent to observe human life and report back to his superiors on the home planet. He has various friends with personalities that don't quite fit in with societal norms... No, this is for real! It's all true. Well, maybe I haven't been in a cave.. er, this guy whose life is the loose basis for the character and his world, hasn't been in a cave. And he isn't a coffee hound... or lives in Bushwick or does freelance illustration, or has long hair, or wears a gas mask while ordering a cheese burger in a crowded diner causing mass panic and the police, fire dept. citizen's brigade, national guard, army, navy, marines, air force, the mayor the zoo keeper, a nutritionist and his mom to be called in to deal with the situation.

I have to do a study of the latest character in my building. I've seen him around here and there over the past year. Today, he held the door for me as I checked my mail. I finally asked him what his name was today. He smiled and awkwardly said, "Folks just call me Cowboy." I immediately heard in my head at large amplification... duh. He was a light skinned black guy with dreadlocks half way to his waist. Maybe 30 years old, give or take 5. I'm horrible at guessing ages. He was dressed in black leather. Black leather cowboy garb. Black leather cowboy hat, black leather vest, coat, chaps, duster and boots. At a glance, he looks like a cowboy. So duh.

Martin Luther King Jr. day. On the calendar, I think it says it's his birthday. I potentially put my foot in my mouth being goofy as I came in to the Wycoff Starr coffee shop Monday. I started wondering what you are suppose to say in greeting on MLK Jr. day. New Years is "Happy New..." and X-mas is "Merry X..."I liked the way the words rolled with "Merry Martin...". I greet Adam, the barrister, with a boisterous "Merry Martin Luther king Jr. Day!" Adam had a slight almost imperceptible nervous pause as it was shattered by the only person of color in the little shop laughing her ass off. I ran in to her again Wed. It was 20 degrees F in NYC, or REALLY FREAKING COLD! The day before I had wrestled with the wedge of cardboard that held the door open to close it for Adam while he poured the coffee. On Wed, as a joke, I loudly ask Adam if he wants me to prop the door open for him as I smile to show I'm kidding. The young black lady was there and started laughing at me again. She was working on a lap top. I'll probably ask her what her name is by June or July. She doesn't dress like a cowboy, so I guess her name could be anything!

WOW!That Wonder Woman is wonderful!
And that Hendrix is sublime.Great stuff!
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