Sunday, February 18, 2007


Another Week cover

Cover for The Week Magazine. Obama and Hillary begin duelling at dawn while Edwards holds their coats and looks on with a smile.

There was a ton of bleed room on the top and bottom. I haven't seen how it printed yet, so I don't know where they cropped it. Of course I had to make a big change after I was finished. I didn't stray from the sketch, but in the process of trying to make Hillary less ugly... It didn't look like her... hmm. I made her eyes smaller in photo shop and re-drew John Edwards' hands holding the coats out. Originally, he had his hands out in front with the coats draped over them, but it wasn't clear enough after I was "finished".

I just started doing these things in oil, so most of my corrections are going to be in PS now. I'll probably go back in to the original to make it look like how it printed and also make Hillary look more like Hillary. heh.

Working in Oils now, thats cool. How do you do it with the Week's turn around, do you have to take a photo of your work, also how big did you paint this?
It's about 24"x38". I bought a big digital camera (Cannon Rebel EOS)with a nice macro lens. Four 250 watt bulbs and a tri-pod and it's ready to go. I'm only going to be using oils on stuff I might use in my portfolio or jobs that pay enough to cover the added expense... and effort.
Great coloring technique you have!!
Will you ever show us yr work in progress?

..and a bigger camera; I could use one too...
I think I could show the process. I usually don't like my sketch phase, but I guess I could scrape together enough stuff.

Tha camera is cool!
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