Sunday, March 25, 2007


As promised, Comic Con '07 at the Javits Center

Some of these folks I know, others... I didn't. I have some good shots of Storm Troopers mulling about. There were 3 Boba Fetts, I counted 2 Darth Vaders, and a whole bunch of Jedi's of various shapes and sizes, at least 3 Supermans from various incarnations. 1 Flash, 2 Green Lanterns, and a bunch of anime' characters I don't know. I enjoyed all the visual stimulation and hanging out with some really good and cool artists. All these shots are from Artist's Alley, which was put on a separate floor for some stupid reason. Well, we all know why, the art is an unpleasant necessity to ILLUSTRATED STORIES! so they had to put the artists somewhere. The garbage dump out back was full, or we would have been put there. (steps off soap box)

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The Black Superman is just keepin' it real.
Yeah he didn't fly around showing off like the other one.
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