Friday, April 06, 2007


A cover and some postcards

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a pirate holding soldiers for the cover of The Week Magazine. I know I posted the Bob Dylan before, but this is the latest card I just sent out.

Last Friday
was great! Met some people at Topps and had a good meeting with them. I'm doing some celebrity Zombie cards for them. They have about the same sensibility of the Garbage Pail Kids. I "sharpened" my brush to get into all the gorree detail of making flies and maggots and worms and fresh brains being eaten.

I met up with Jason Seiler as he came in to NYC for the opening of "Books and Editorial" publishing at the Society of Illustrators on Friday night. I don't remember the musician's name that he painted a caricature of, but it was a really nice little piece. Said hello to his rep Sari Levy who seems to have a knack for repping some good people! James Bennet and I had a good talk about when he was doing the Garbage Pail Kids in the early 90's. Gregory Manchess had a nice landscape painting on the 1st floor although I heard he wasn't too crazy about the frame job on it... I didn't even notice. I think the best piece in the show was the Philip Burke painting of Steven Tyler. It was about 4 feet by 5 feet! Brilliant raw color laid down with confidence. Most of his work has the same impact to me. Seeing it in print is nice, but the original just blows me away! I found the whole day and night inspirational!

To follow up, Jason came by my studio on Monday to hang out. It was a good time!

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Hey Fred! Yeah, had a great time hanging out with you, great Thai food as well! It was really cool seeing all of your originals, thanks for taking the time to hang out!
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