Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Bob Dylan card 3

I just stamped and labeled 1800 postcards over the weekend congruent with doing 8 finished black and white drawings and one detailed under drawing
to get approved for Monday.

I'm still doing a few things fro Topps. When I dropped off the art to be shot on Monday, they showed me a little You tube type of animation that was really sick and funny as hell. The set I've been doing the art for is suppose to come out in May. I might actually have something to sell at MOCCA!

Speaking of MOCCA, they have their convention on the same day as the last Mermaid Day festival in Coney Island. Personally I think the Mermaid Day thing hasn't been interesting for about 5 or 6 years. But it is a shame to see most of the boardwalk get sold to real estate developers. Now Coney Island will become myth and will seem much more interesting once it's gone. We never seem to appreciate these things when they're still here. After they're paved over and the memory is hazy, fantastic movies come out glorifying them. Was the Titanic REALLY that cool? I'm going to make cool Coney art in another year or two and people will think I'm a "jenious."


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