Sunday, May 06, 2007


I have to show the zombie here!

I've been working on some portraits for the Topps Celebrity Zombies set coming out in the end of May. They asked for a self portrait to go with the artist profiles on their website. Once I began, I started to get into it more than usual. I added the paintbrush through the head thing as I went. I was almost done and realized I needed a coffee reference. So I added the cup of fresh brain, (light 'n' sweet of course) and then after looking at the thing almost finished, I thought I looked a lot like "Eddie" the Iron Maiden mascot. So I looked up some reference of Iron Maiden and used the pose from "Killers", the 3rd vinyl album I ever bought back in '82, I think.

Last week I was smoozing with Jonathan Levine at dinner after the Lori Early opening at Opera gallery. He seemed like a pretty cool guy. If he never hangs any of my art in his gallery, I'd still hang out with him. He seems pretty smart and very business savvy. Things I like in people. This weekend I went to SOI and hung out with a new(ish) friend, Al. I've known him for a while, but never really hung out with him for any length of time. He does international copyright. I introduced him to Brad Holland and they seemed to have a good conversation. Sat., I hung out at Donato Giancola's unveiling for a triptych he'd been working on for a year. Michael Dees, Steve Ellis, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Dorian, Dan Dos Santoes and a bunch of other folks were there! Very inspirational this past week!

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That is so sick . . . great likeness! :)
Thanks! Next time I'll try and exaggerate my face.
Great detail- good job!
Really AMAZING!!!!
Nice Zombie and great portfolio of caricatures!
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