Sunday, July 01, 2007


Holy crap, it's July already!

Latest cover for The Week Magazine. June 29th - ?

Time is sped up. Or speeding up... Or it's not moving, I am. I've been going to job fairs, and conventions, and art openings and even doing a ton of deadlines! So updating Blogger and Live Journal and My Space and all that stuff kind of gets to be secondary. I also got a new computer (finally) and it sucks all my available time to attend to it's needs. Once it's all satisfied, I'll be able to levitate and fore see the future!

I missed Go Figure last Monday. I should be getting to it this Monday. I did go to Dr. Sketchy's today. 2 burlesgue dancers. The White Boom Boom (yes a guy) and Stormy Leather (a thin beautiful girl). They dressed as Wolverine and Mystique, the Marvel comics characters. Mystique was basically Stormy covered in blue latex from shoulders down. From neck up, she had the same bright blue color makeup and bright orange/red hair. Boom Boom had a loose fitting half assed wolverine costume. No spandex here. He did have the physique for it once he stripped down as far as NYC liquor laws would allow. After the last pose everyone was dismissed yet no one left as the bizzarre occurrance of helping a pretty lady out of her skin hugging, pore filled blue latex was figured out on stage. I think about 10 people tried to "help". My girl, Molly, seemed the most determined to "help the poor girl" out.

My table at MoCCA Fest at the Puck building.

Andrew and Travis (Louie) from MOCCA

A comicbook fan with his daughter. (He was super nice by the way)

Albert Cadabra performing at the Members Open show opening at the Society of Illustrators.

Jon and friend from The Week showing me support!

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