Sunday, August 05, 2007


August time

From Go Figure last Monday July 30.

From yesterday's Dr. Sketchy's.

And some cool things. I saw Sicko on Wed. Nothing I didn't already know. It was pretty one sided in showing the story. Well done though. It made me sick of course because it just reminded me of stuff I already knew. I wouldn't mind giving another system a try though. Saw the Simpsons Movie on Sat. It was the Simpsons. That's my review.

Picked up John Cuneo's "nEuROTIC" book at Forbidden Planet comics while waiting to see the Simpsons. John's art is fantastic and as the quote from Edward Sorel on the back states... "Until I saw John Cuneo's erotic drawings, I had no idea how artistically rewarding it could be to have your mind in the gutter." Fantagraphics published it. Everyone I show(expose) it too raves at it. I'm raving too. Look! this is me raving. Rave, raverave, rave, r a v e.

I have The Week again this week. The day after deadline I'm renting a car and driving back to Erie, PA to visit the family. If I don't make any entries ever again, I've been in a horrible car crash probably caused by me swirving to avoid squishing a squirrel or something stupid.

Those are great, Fred. Did you use a different colored paper for those Dr. Sketchy's ones?
Thanks Dan. The Dottie Lux drawings were on regular sketch pad paper. The Sketchy ones were on a moleskin paper. (I had forgot to bring that pad to Go Figure)... I also just took some picture ref. of Amber Ray for a painting. Speaking of models.
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