Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This just in. A follow up?

The latest cover for The Week magazine. This will be out Friday. I finished it around 3:30 AM today (Wed.) Oil on panel. The underpainting was in acrylic. I haven't had to tweak a finished piece in a while for them. Today will probably be the day since I just don't feel like sleeping yet... It's 4am. I'll get a frantic call around 9am and have to change everything in photo shop and it won't look anything like this.

Cool things from my article that came out in the Erie Times last Sunday? Or Monday. Some friends looked me up and e mailed me. My friend, Mike, whom I pretty much grew up with from age 5 on called me. I haven't talked to him in years. He sounded like the same guy I was best friends with all through growing up, except now we both have adult type lives. He never left Erie and I fled to New York City. I specify "city" because having just drove through New York State, the few stops I made have no relation to the type of life I lead here. As Erie has no resemblance either. Mike is pretty intense, and I realized as I spoke on the phone with him, he was the 1st person in a bunch that I've been friends with that have this great intensity and intelligence that blows me away.

I'm doing some drawings from memory based on my last trip to Erie and a bunch of other drawings based on my trip to a fetish party and a hip hop party last week.

This is really awesome Fred, one of your best Week cover's yet . . . your oil painting is getting sooooo good!
Thanks Jason, your stuff inspires me to push it more.
Wow Fred this is great! Very nicely painted indeed! Really great
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