Sunday, November 11, 2007


Darth likes conventions...

I attended the Philly Non Sports card Card show last weekend. Darth and his friends were on patrol. Man, you blow up a guy's Death Star and he just wanders around conventions aimlessly.

I had a blast! Met a bunch of new (to me) artists that I had known of but not met. Joe Jusko, Jay Lynch, David Gross, Doug Koozer, and a bunch more. Everyone seemed to take turns buying everyone rounds of drinks at the bar at night.

Doug gave me rides back and forth from the hotel and convention. He also is the brain behind the world of "Gotta Pea". We traded art. David Gross wrote a lot of the gags for the current Garbage Pail Kids set that will be coming out in December. I did about 4 cards out of that set. Jay Lynch has been doing GPK since the first set I think. He also came up with gags. Jeff, my art director and a fellow artist plus gag writer was also working the crowd the whole time. I also lucked out and won(to many collectors disappointment) a sheet of uncut GPK from the first run in the early 80's. It's so cool! I think a lot of people there might have thought I didn't appreciate it, but that what would be incorrect! I love it! It will be framed and hanging in my studio for the next time I do any cards for GPK. Which I hope is soon.

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Hey Fred, I saw the latest cover you did for The Week, looked great man!
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