Saturday, January 12, 2008


"My" Garbage Pail Kids

This is one of the first two I did for Topps.
The other of the first two for Garbage Pail Kids.
This one took a few tries. It was challenging to keep to the style guide and pack all the underwater goodness in there. Fortunately The art director, Jeff, was patient!
This was my favorite one of the 4 that I did.

The packs came out last week I think.


gross....I love them
These are funny Fred, I like the last one the best . . . truly nasty!
Thanks Jason, that double pg illus. you sent me last week was fantastic!
fred, i love em all man, HUGE fan of the disgusting themes GPKs have always portrayed.. i also love how your own style shines thru the GPK traditional style..very different from pounds yet just as effective,and maybe even better composistion. how can i get a hold of you? i would love to pick your brain alittle if you dont mind???
These are freakin awesome! Great work. I wish they would bring them back.
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