Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Things are moving.

A few of the latest spots and what not. In order: The Week, Westword, Bank Technologies News (last 2). Got a mailing out over a week ago of the 1st Bob Dylan card. Met some art directors at the Society of Illustrators by chance while lunching with my buddy Steve Ellis. I of course stuffed them with my latest cards. My other friend, Ray Lago, wrote a really nice (short) e mail to an art director at Topps who contacted me immediately. Ray was already doing some work for him and was nice enough to give me an introduction. I can't show what I've done for the project yet. Another project I've done that I can't show yet are some sketches for the next Ozze Fest poster.

My website is updated finally!
Thanks to David, Dae and Lux for patience and help!

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I love your work. FANTASTIC!!!
I've linked your blog in my blog.
great idea on the dylan cards....really like the guiliiani painting, nice work as always Mr. Harper
Thanks! The Dylan stuff is my favorite so far.
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