Thursday, March 01, 2007


The Week again...

Last night's work. I'll be posting some pictures from the New York Comic Con next. That is the reason I had to cram this week. I didn't get around to doing the sketches I was supposed to do. I had one illo due on Monday, 3 on Tues. and the cover for The Week on Wed.

The process. Sketch in the office on Monday. I redrew and painted a monochromatic acrylic under painting on the gesso-ed panel. Monday night. Tuesday I took a quick photo at that stage to show Brett, the AD, how the color was going. The consensus was that there needed to be an environment. I blocked one in out of my head. I wanted to be careful to make a decent composition since it wasn't planned from the start. I also didn't have a lot of time to do anything very involved. Simple wood panel, a corner of a desk cheating in. I was just thinking in shapes and then trying to figure out what would fit in them.

I signed the painting hanging on the wall as my own personal amusement. I hope it doesn't get cropped out! I got to bed around 8:30 AM-ish on Wed.. I ended up liking it.

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Wow! Great studio you've got there!!

Cheney's lips are wonderfully done by you, his lips are so special and not as easy to draw as one first would think. I think Cheney is a great kisser with acrobatic lips like his; ask the republicans! (In my flashportfolio you find my Cheney)
Thanks Lars, I couldn't find your flash. Cheers!
Cool work Fred, Oils over acrylic . . . is that a faster technique?
I don't know if it's faster, but I feel more comfortable to handle any changes before going to final. I can lay in a good foundation so the oils don't have to do as much work.
Fred! I posted in the past once again!! For those who are interested; my Cheney has moved from my flash to my blogspot!
Specially for those hungry eyes out there!
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