Thursday, May 17, 2007


Paper. mate?

I'm still experimenting with lighting when shooting my art with the digital camera. I used floods this time. I thought they were tungsten light, but I realized after a few test shots I was using lights made to be used with photo umbrellas. I loved how bright the 300 watt bulbs were but the shadows didn't have much detail or color. The reds don't glow in the photo like they do "in person". I think I need to experiment with some other settings for these lights or pick up some umbrellas for them.

I picked up a cover to do for the Village Voice yesterday. It's a lot of work. I know I only got it because most of the other guys the Voice has been using wouldn't do 6 faces for what their budget is. I'm going to use is as sort of a statement to say "I exist dammit!" to the other magazines in the New York City area. Last time I did a Voice cover I got a number of calls from various magazines to see my portfolio. Unfortunately I did the image they asked for, but it looked nothing like the stuff I had in my book. The New Yorker people looked so disappointed when I showed them a bunch of caricatures after they saw a much less exaggerated face on the Voice cover. Of course not as dejected as I felt leaving their offices with no work!

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Very fine work, Fred.
Nice piece Fred, and that's cool about the Village Voice! I turned down a cover for them a couple weeks ago . . . They had a tight turn around because last minute they changed their mind, and it was too much detail for the time given. Also the week before they used David Okeef and so they didn't want caricature twice in a row so they wanted me to do a Rockwell-ish style.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do, kick som butt!

Oh, not sure if you've seen it or not? In the latest MAD, they promote the Hollywood Zombie cards from topps, pretty cool!
Nice piece, Fred; I think the colors look pretty good. I guess I have to see the original to compare...
Congrats on the Voice cover- I hope you get more work from the other mags as a result. I had a piece in the Voice years ago, but it was only because my friend, Vicky, refferred them to me- even though they already had my portfolio. It's bullshit. It seems that a lot of it is still who they know and not what they see. Why should there be any bad illustration out there when there are so many good illustrators? But there is.
I tried to get my stuff in the New Yorker as well, but they also rejected me- I guess they don't like caricature. Maybe I'll have to do a "high concept/ low execution drawing" to get in there. As long as it's pretentious...
Thanks Jason! Can't wait to see the Mad mag you are in.

I know what you mean Dan. The Voice responded to my Dylan postcard series. They haven't given me work for about ten years, the New Times bought them a while back and there are some different people in charge now.
Thanks Fred, I'll share it with you when I can, I'm pretty stoked about it!
Hmmm...nice..funny...detail...Im very proud of your exclnt work....always be my reference to me....
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