Monday, February 18, 2008


Some covers for The Week

You'd think it's "running for president" season!

I call this one "Mudslide". Pretty clever huh? Mud and a slide in the back ground. I just ooze jean-yus!
I cropped this one, but my favorite part was just doing some silly feet in the for ground. Type was put over it, but I know it was there! HA!
This wasn't my idea at all. More subdued than I tend to be. The Week said if aliens land on the White House lawn, I get the cover for sure that week. So I'll do a mellow cover or two while waiting for the big pay-off! I hope aliens have a sense of humor.


Looks great Fred! All in oil?
Thanks Jason,

It's all gouache. I almost did the last one in oil, but I needed to get it done a little quicker than usual.
Looks good, Fred; I like the Clinton one especially; how you made him look old and like a kid at the same time.
Well, they have a nice oil feel to them, so that's cool! I'm bummed I'm not coming to New York for a bit, but will come and hang out soon enough!
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